Don’t give up on handwriting– It’s still relevant and critical

Susan Ellis

Since each day in our lives seem to involve more and more technology, it is obvious to see that the day to day handwriting from our generation is becoming less and less prominent.   Sure, many can type out thoughts faster on a keyboard than to write them by hand. But there are still many times throughout the day when technology is simply not available and the trusty paper and pencil are the perfect super heroes. Throughout the day, I find myself constantly jotting down phone numbers, writing notes about conversations, making grocery lists, or scrawling quick reminders to put on the refrigerator so I don’t forget something.   Using technology for these instances would be less efficient, in my opinion. We need to keep in mind the relevancy of handwriting.

I was inspired to write this blog when my family and I were hurrying to get into our basement after a tornado warning.   I was thinking about the power going out and I began thinking; no power–no computer.   Once a battery is dead, what would someone do if they needed to make notes but couldn’t write because they only knew how to type? Thankfully that was never an issue for some of the amazing people in our past like Anne Frank. Her hand written journals were used to create one of the most treasured books or our time

.Ryan writing on paperMy son Ryan (pictured) struggled with handwriting until we discovered we could teach him using video modeling.   I can’t imagine how much money and time would have been spent on accommodations in his schools throughout his last 10 years if we had given up on teaching him to write. When students are struggling with writing, I encourage teachers and parents not to give up; continue working with them on basic penmanship rather than turning to keyboarding just to save time. Our TV Teacher video modeling method has made handwriting breakthroughs for thousands of children!   Keep in mind kids still need to work on their math assignments using paper and pencil.  Fill in the blank, multiple choice, and drawing assignments are seen nightly in my house.  I hope you agree that we should all try to help keep the skill of handwriting alive and well!

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