Free Downloads

The following documents are exact templates of some of the activities

that Miss Marnie has used in the video programs.


Print them out (for free!) and increase the learning experience for your child!

Alphabet Beats Free Lined Paper


The PDF files below are the same blank lined paper (no shaded letters) that Miss Marnie uses in each Alphabet Beats video that you can download, for free. The lowercase template features the "lowercase space" shaded to help your child visually identify where most of the lowercase letters are to be written.


Click here, If you prefer to purchase our preprinted Alphabet Beats' Workbooks.

UPPERCASE Writing Template


Strokes, Shapes & Scenes Free Drawing Templates


Help your child make these shapes by tracing along the dotted lines, then create pictures from them - just like Miss Marnie!


Click here, If you prefer to purchase our complete Strokes, Shapes & Scenes Workbook with dotted line drawings for each basic picture made in the Shapes section (over 8 per major shape!) as well as for the four scenes drawn.

Download  PDF of the

individual pages here

Number Beats Free Lined Paper


The PDF file below is the same blank-lined paper that Miss Marnie uses in the Number Beats video that can be downloaded for free.




Click here if you prefer to purchase our complete Number Beats workbook that comes with dotted line numbers and starting dots as well as two “fun sheets” per number.


We’re so confident that you’ll love our programs,

we offer a 7-day money back guarantee!



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