Our Story

Our Story is actually Ryan's Story . . .



Ryan, Susan's oldest son, was diagnosed with Autism at age 3½. He could recite the entire alphabet by 20 months, could read and even spell words at age four, but still refused to WRITE the alphabet.


This was hindering him in school. Private occupational therapists, as well as therapists inside the school system, worked on this skill with him every week. But it was a very slow and unproductive process to say the least.


Knowing that Ryan loved to watch TV, and was learning so much through the educational videos Susan had purchased, she decided to video tape Ryan's occupational therapist, Marnie, writing the letter “C”. The idea of making a video for Ryan and Marnie's wonderful creativity with her letter chants, came together in a great teaching tool!


After watching their first three- minute video for the first time, Ryan immediately said, “Do it again”, and happily watched it once more. After the second viewing, Ryan was ready to write!! Susan helped him write the letter “C” with a hand over hand approach. While reciting the letter "C" chant, Ryan's confidence grew - he finally "got it"! He was very enthusiastic, motivated, and proud of himself. He must have written over a hundred “C's” that evening alone! Most of them on his own!!


Susan cried to Marnie in awe and in joy that they FINALLY got through to Ryan -- their unique approach actually worked! They began making more of their "video presents" all summer long. Ryan learned to write these letters as fast as they could make them. After the summer, Ryan started Kindergarten with one less thing to be frustrated about.

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It was a hit!  In 2005, they

started The TV Teacher™...


Susan and Marnie case-studied their video concept with other children-some with learning disabilities, and others who were "typically developing".


It was a hit! In 2005, they started their company, The TV Teacher™, and professionally produced Alphabet Beats-Writing UPPERCASE Letters (released April 2006).


Since then, they have produced 4 additional award-winning programs which have received accolades from parents, teachers, and therapists across the country.

In the studio producing the lowercase

video of Alphabet Beats

We’re so confident that you’ll love our programs,

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