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These video tools are segmented by chapters and are easily navigated through user-friendly menus.

Handwriting Supports & Classroom Activities

Fun Foundations Curriculum

Fun Foundations is our online program packed with fun fine and gross motor activities to help strengthen hands, fingers, and core (tummy) muscles; calming activities, and an advanced handwriting section that covers letter size, word spacing, margins and neatness!

Available in DVD or
online / streaming options

All four sections in ONE great program: $30.00

Gross Motor Skills (5 chapters) Miss Marnie and her class motivate children to follow along in these gross motor exercises that strengthen core (tummy) muscles, practice balance & coordination, build arm strength, and more.
Fine Motor Skills (7 chapters) Building strong hands and fingers has never been more fun! Join Miss Marnie and her friends as they demonstrate fine motor, skill-building activities that target muscles needed for good pencil grip.

Focus & Attention
(4 chapters) Getting focused and calm can be fun! Follow along with Miss Marnie and her class as they demonstrate yoga poses, compression, and deep breathing that helps foster better attention.

Advanced Handwriting Skills (5 chapters) Where Alphabet Beats left off, this section takes off! Miss Marnie dresses up as entertaining characters and teaches children about correct letter sizing, spacing between words, margins, and overall neatness. Video modeling at its best!

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