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This video curriculum is segmented by chapters and is easily navigated through user-friendly menus.

Alphabet Beats Curriculum

Alphabet Beats is a fun, educational handwriting program that teaches children (recommended ages: 2 1/2 – 8) how to write the alphabet quickly and easily! In each 5 minute letter chapter, we demonstrate the writing motions while saying the chant first in a frame. Next, the letter is written on a chalkboard, and finally on lined paper.

Available in DVD or online / streaming options

$35 each or $65 for both (save $5).


Learn to write PLUS over 8 vocabulary words per letter! The Alphabet Beats series features an UPPERCASE and a lowercase program, helping improve the skills of children who are learning to write. Each one has different vocabulary words and concepts – designed to further enhance your child’s learning experience.

Children enjoy watching Miss Marnie while they are learning to write because she is very engaging and fun, while at the same time, she is teaching valuable skills and concepts. The vocabulary words being demonstrated are both educational and therapeutically based: body parts, spatial concepts, opposites, shapes, colors, animals, musical instruments, sensory items, community helpers, cutting, painting, behavior modeling, gross and fine motor activities, daily living skills, and so much more – all in our online writing programs! 


Beginning UPPERCASE & Lowercase Writing Workbooks

Our Alphabet Beats BEGINNING writing workbooks contain shaded and dotted line letters, as well as starting point dots to help guide your child in making the correct letter formations. These workbooks offer slightly larger spacing – helpful for those children just beginning to write and for those with fine motor challenges. Each page is dedicated to one letter, and is presented with minimal distraction to help keep children focused. Spiral bound at the top – great for left or right-handed children.

$6.50 each


Advanced UPPERCASE &  Lowercase Writing Workbooks

Our Alphabet Beats ADVANCED workbooks are perfect for enhancing letter writing skills! Each page is dedicated to one letter with smaller lines and trace letters, more starting dots, dolch sight words to copy, and an activity to identify pictures to circle (or color)! Spiral bound on top for left or right-handed children. Pictures and dolch sight words in the UPPERCASE Workbook are different from the lowercase workbook.



$6.50 each


Early Writers Workbooks

Practice letter writing skills and more! This combination workbook includes 5 beginning strokes pages, both UPPERCASE and lowercase advanced workbook pages (includes dolch sight words and vocabulary activities), and 10 advanced number pages (includes number word and fun drawing activities). This workbook is spiral bound on top–perfect for left or right-handed children.





$8.25 each

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