"The TV Teacher is the first program that has had any of my boys asking to do penmanship lessons. …I think this program is worth every penny, and I highly recommend it."
Courtney Larson
Homeschooling mother of 5 boys
Reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC
"Jacob's OT started working with him on your video a month ago. It's amazing! We have tried everything and he has NEVER enjoyed writing until now! Combining the letters with your funny sense of humor and music has done the trick! ...Jacob just loves the video."
Heidi J. Moore
Mother of 6 year old with Down Syndrome
Alpharetta, Georgia
“I want to applaud the Alphabet Beats program, yet again. I have been using it at the schools I serve, and am getting magnificent results. My teachers are ecstatic and the kids are blossoming. Thanks to infinity for this program!”
Kimberly Teamer
Occupational Therapist
Fulton County Schools, Georgia
“I started a regular program with my son on my own, however it was unsuccessful because it was not fun for him and he got frustrated and so did I. I recently purchased your product, and he now knows how to write the letters A,P,R—amazing the whole school year he has struggled now he is writing like a pro and loves it. He is requesting to watch the video just as much as Sponge Bob…I will share my discovery with all my friends and start planning play dates with 5-minute Alphabet Beats sessions. Forever Grateful!!"
Jamie Crockett
“My daughter started Kindergarten this year. We were struggling with the handwriting curriculum that her school has in place for her grade level. After using just one chapter of The TV Teacher program, my daughter went from fighting me to do her writing assignments, to begging me to go on to the next! …Thanks so much for offering your great program to all of us at such a reasonable price!”
Michelle Fowler
Homeschooling mother of 5 year old "typically developing" girl
"What fast progress! ...My son with Autism, has gone from no writing to an independent "B" and "R". He's mastering one letter each day. It's totally amazing!"
Annette Frost
Mother of boy with Autism
Dixon, California
“If you buy only one product this year for your preschooler/kindergarten child, I would strongly suggest that you look into this DVD. This product is a HUGE hit in my house!”
Isabelle Lussier
Homeschooling mother of 4 children
Quebec, Canada
“I love it because both of my kids can practice writing together - it benefits both my Kindergartner and my special needs preschooler. They find it fun to watch and enjoy writing the alphabet letters now! Thanks so much for making writing fun!"
Alicia Burr
Palm Harbor, Florida
Fun drawing program using video modeling
" My 5 year old son Ely just started kindergarten in a gifted and talented program. His academic skills have always been way ahead of his fine motor skills. He is expected to draw a picture in school every day and write about it. He has difficulty drawing pictures and writing letters accurately. With just one viewing of Strokes, Shapes and Scenes he sat down and drew this picture independently. He loves Miss Marnie."
Tracy Katz
Occupational Therapist
New York City DOE, NY
"...I just received a copy of the Alphabet Beats DVD in the mail and my 4 1/2 year old son with Asperger's Syndrome just LOVES it. The segments are fun, entertaining, colorful and easy to follow. Fine motor skills have always been a challenge for my son and your video's sing-song approach to visual instruction is so fantastic. I look forward to working with him and sharing his handwriting success!"
Keri Michaelis
Mother of 4 1/5 year old boy with Aspergers
Alpharetta, Georgia
"My 11-year-old son with Asperger's just started the DVD for upper case letters and it is a huge hit. He is writing the best I've ever seen. Thank You! ...Writing letters has always been painful for him and he has required a great amount of mental concentration. He has been extremely self-conscious about how his letters look. For some reason, if something is fun or engaging, he focuses better and generates better 'product'..."
Jennifer Lomelli
Manhattan Beach, California
”Our kindergarten team has been very impressed with The TV Teacher DVD’s. Whenever it is time for handwriting, the students are excited to learn. I highly recommend this program to other teachers and parents. Thank you for creating such a wonderful educational tool.”
Isabel Hamiter
Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Cobb County Schools, Georgia
I teach students ages 5-11 who happen to struggle with severe to moderate Autism. When this last school year began many of my students could not even trace letters, and struggled with very limited shape, letter, or number identification. After use of your program, several students can now copy words, write their names independently, and have learned to not only rote count aloud (thanks to the "Hat Song") but to also write and identify numbers. Even my kids that were NON-VERBAL are now singing your chants and naming objects they have seen in your video. One particular student has even overcome writing a variety of letters and numbers backwards (mirror writing). There are not enough words in a testimonial to properly convey the gifts this program has given to my students. My classroom has four teachers, myself, two teacher assistants and Mrs. Marnie!"
Elizabeth Guest
Special Needs Teacher
Halifax County Schools, North Carolina
“I never thought it would work so fast. …It was fun to see that just watching one time for each letter then writing when she said “practice with me” was amazing!!! …his OT was saying before how he really needed to improve and he’s barely made any progress. I can’t wait to show her this program! Thanks again, you’ve truly made a difference in our home
Breanna Rodgers
Mother of child with Autism
Duluth, Minnesota
“I teach an K-2 Autism focus class, and I have seen soooo much improvement in my students. I have students that would not even pick up a pencil, let alone use it…learn to write and continue to write everyday! Not only does it help with our student’s writing, but we have also found that it helps with our student’s behavior issues. It might sound funny, but your DVD has such a calming effect on our students. You can hear a pin drop when it is time to practice our writing!”
Shanni Smith
Special Needs Teacher
Los Angeles, California
“I work with a 15 year old young man with Down Syndrome... He has a hard time with the eye-hand coordination necessary to form the letters and frankly, he hasn't been very interested. ...the very first time we played it for him, he was enthralled. ...he reached over and traced the letter on my arm. We are thrilled that we have finally found a program that will keep his attention, make it fun AND teach him to write the letters of the alphabet..."
Karen Carlton
North Carolina
Pre K Drawings using The TV Teacher pre-writing program
“I think your videos are absolutely terrific. When my son was about three or four, he was definitely struggling to use a pen and to write his letters. While he was able to read from a very early stage, he just couldn’t work out the mechanics of writing. I then bought your video on writing capital letters and within about a month, he made profound advances. I cannot thank you enough! Your products are a breath of fresh air for the autism community. …highly effective and entertaining for kids.”
Tony O’Shea
Father of child with Autism
“I have been an OT for 14 years and this produces results I have never witnessed before! To think that Miss Marnie is a household name - what more proof do you need that this is impacting children! The BEST part is that this is SO easy to implement in the classroom.... Every teacher should be using this in their classrooms- IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!”
Ann-Marie Guerra Capozucca
Occupational Therapist
New York City DOE, NY
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