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What makes your programs different?


Our programs are fun and engaging learning tools. These DVDs combine singing and repetitive instruction - a recognized technique that many teachers and therapists use to assist with memory. Alphabet Beats, for example, is different because it incorporates the visual instruction component. Many teachers claim they've been chanting for years but with Alphabet Beats, it is the combination of the auditory cues and visual instruction that has proved to make a significant difference.

“I've been using the Alphabet Beats program in my kindergarten class, and my students are now excited to write. This DVD has really given them confidence as writers”


J.Dino - Kindergarten Teacher

How can I use your videos in my Classroom?


Our DVD programs can be easily played on an interactive whiteboard, TV or a computer (with DVD read capability). Each chapter is approximately five minutes in length -- making it easy to fit into tight schedules


We suggest playing a new chapter in its entirety for your class, without asking them to write or draw at the same time. Initially, encourage students to focus on the visual instruction because it is so fun to watch. Then have your class practice writing. Also, consider using personal white boards or chalkboards as your students say the chants and begin practicing. After each chapter, the programs will automatically return to their main menus.

Actual alphabet beats lowercase menu shown above - The DVD menu makes it easy to select individual letter chapters, one at a time.

“We have had great success with our kids while using The TV Teacher! We have been using the video a couple of times each week during our pre-academic time along with supplementing it with the chants and practice time to generalize it throughout the week. I wish you could see my kids when they hear the intro music come on. I don't even have to tell them what time it is because they come running over!”


K.Swanson - Special Needs Preschool Teacher

Is Alphabet Beats compatible with other handwriting programs?


Yes. Any program that uses a block letter style can use our chants and video to assist with formation. Some parents and teachers use our video and chants concurrently with other programs; some have switched to ours after previously using other programs, and all have reported great success!




Does it really work?


Yes! Our programs have produced amazing results with children all over the country. Many public schools use our programs in their kindergarten classrooms: Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas, and Iowa just to name a few! Our programs provide an effective visual and auditory stimulation that has been proven to help develop fine motor skills for writing.

Children love handwriting because The TV Teacher™ has made it fun for them-using the three components they like best: visual, rhythm & rhyme (song), and repetition. They feel more confident because they remember the letter chant that assists their motor planning!

Helpful Activities Available online too!


To enhance the learning experience for younger children or for those with special needs, we have made many of our fine motor activities available for free. Miss Marnie will demonstrate these activities in the Alphabet Beats program, which will entice many children to want to imitate them. Work one-on-one with a student, or as a group, cutting the star, coloring the camel, lacing a lemon, etc.

For an additional teacher's aid, print and post the Miss Marnie “Wash Your Hands” picture reminder by your class sink. During the winter months, our “Cover Your Mouth” song and picture can make this reminder fun for your kids. Our “Days of the Week” song is also a big hit!



We hope that our video programs will become part of your teaching tools, and that your students will demonstrate similar success to what we hear from so many others. Happy Writing!

We’re so confident that you’ll love our programs,

we offer a 7-day money back guarantee!



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