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How are your programs different?

Our DVDs teach handwriting using a multi-sensory approach of visual demonstrations and rhythmic chants. It is designed to engage and direct the child's attention on a single chapter for approximately 5 minutes while exposing them to its rhythmic chant or song. Children are excited to watch and write because the visual instruction is fun and engaging. Many therapists have difficulty motivating their patients to attempt writing. Our DVDs are tools that motivate children to write and learn. The repetition and memorable chants will help assist the child to carryover his or her new writing skill.


Most therapists agree that if a child has been referred for therapy, there may be fundamental deficits to address besides handwriting skill. Parents can use our DVDs at home and assist with pre-writing and letter formation. This allows the therapist to spend more time in treatment addressing fundamental issues such as trunk strength, scapular strength, fine motor coordination, and body awareness.

"I purchased your video and I am using it with two children about to enter first grade and they are doing well with this format. Great product, I recommend it highly and I am introducing it to my students."


Donna Wooster, Occupational Therapist, Alabama

How Do I Use Your Programs?

A. In Treatment



On a TV or on a computer, there are many ways to use these DVDs in a treatment session. You may introduce chapters into your writing groups or play a 5-minute chapter during an individual session. Based on the child's response and feedback, you will be able to determine if this is a successful therapy tool for them.


Our Alphabet Beats DVDs also include 8-10 vocabulary words and concepts that are presented during each letter chapter. They are both educational and therapeutically based:


  • Body awareness - we visually label most body parts and encourage imitation
  • Fine motor skills - we address cutting, tracing, tying shoes, lacing, painting, and many others
  • Spatial concepts - heavy vs. light, thick vs. thin, tall vs. short, etc.
  • Social skills - talking loud vs. talking quietly, being alone vs. being with friends, going to the dentist, visiting the doctor, obeying class rules, adjusting to “change”
  •  Activities of daily living - brushing teeth, brushing hair, dressing, washing hands
  • Sensory Integration Dysfunction - touching play dough, finger painting, etc.



Strategically placing these concepts within the Alphabet Beats DVD programs offers therapists a chance to discuss and use them in treatment or in a group setting. We encourage you to expand on these concepts and ideas. In order to bring the skills demonstrated in the DVD into your session, we have created downloadable activity sheets so that children can practice many activities along with Miss Marnie.



Click here for free downloadable activity sheets to work on after you view the letter chapter


B. Home Program

If a child is successful with this therapy tool, we recommend parents purchase our DVDs and continue instruction at home. We have designed these programs so they are affordable and parent-friendly. These programs require NO formal training, although we do supply a video protocol on our DVD as well as on the paper insert inside the DVD box. Children may use the Alphabet Beats workbook in the home, and then bring it to the clinic or school to display their success! The free Downloads are also another way to encourage practicing a skill in the home (i.e. Painting, cutting, etc.)



How are your programs formatted?


The DVD menus makes it easy to select individual chapters, one at a time.

Our programs are DVDs that can be played on your computer (with DVD read capability) or on a TV. The menu is driven by chapters and will not play through! After each chapter, the DVD goes back to the main menu. It will not play until another chapter is selected. This is an excellent feature for children who perseverate. It also may be seen as an opportunity to encourage vocalization (to request a specific chapter).



Does this programs REALLY Work?



In the short time Alphabet Beats has been available, it has made incredible progress with children all over the country. Many public schools are now beginning to adopt our program: Georgia, New York, Texas, Minnesota, and Iowa just to name a few!

I am an OT and have been using it in a classroom with children with Autism. It's been working really great. When we are done with all the letters I'm going to recommend it to our other autism classes in our school district. Great Idea!


Irene Penny, Occupational Therapist, New York

We receive emails and fan mail with handwriting samples attached. Children love handwriting because Alphabet beats has made it fun for them. Feeling effective at a skill encourages good self-esteem and confidence--that's what good therapy is all about!

We hope that Alphabet Beats will become part of your treatment sessions and your patients will also share the same success we hear from so many others. Happy Writing!!!



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