Therapist's Corner Resources

Below are some additional sites that you might find useful for future training and aids to your therapeutic sessions:

Vital Links


Vital Links is a company that creates modulated music, which may be used for therapeutic music listening. This treatment may be used for several sensory challenges including sound sensitivity. This program can only be used by a certified therapist who has had the proper training.

The Upledger Institute


The Upledger institute is located in Florida and trains individuals on the art and techniques of CranioSacral therapy. This may be used on children with muscular restrictions and musculo-skeletal issues. There are many classes offered in Pediatrics.


SouthPaw Enterprises


Southpaw is a company that offers a variety of therapy equipment. They specialize in creating larger equipment such as suspension hardware and swings, but also supply many sensory and fine motor tools as well.


Abilitations and Integration Catalogs


Abilitations and Integrations are catalogues that sell a variety of innovative sensory tools. They work along with therapists to design many of their products.


Sensory Resources Foundation


Sensory Resources helps an international community of families and colleagues improve the quality of life for children, adolescents, and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder. Their mission is to “post quality resources for individuals with SPD problems and for the family members, friends, therapists, physicians, teachers, and researchers who care about and work with them”.


The SPD Network


The sensory processing network attempts to “meet the needs of parents and others who are looking for services for children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), the KID Foundation was recently funded to develop the Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Directory”.


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