Alphabet Beats are fun, educational videos (DVD or online) that teach children how to write the alphabet quickly and easily!


Have fun with Miss Marnie as she teaches writing and presents more than 8 vocabulary words in each 5-minute letter chapter!

This handwriting program has produced amazing results with its distinct visuals and memorable chants. A hit with kids, parents and teachers!

This unique multi-sensory approach is fun, motivating and helping kids learn to write the alphabet better and faster!

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DVD or Online

Our Strokes chapters help younger children develop pre-writing skills.

Children love learning to draw with Strokes, Shapes & Scenes!


One amazing and fun video teaches kids to progress from pre-writing to pictures!

The Shapes chapters teach drawing basic shapes and encourages children's creativity to convert them into pictures. (Yes, a square can become a truck!)


Our Scenes chapters follow Miss Marnie on 4 different adventures, after which she recalls her experiences and draws a complete scene. Learn to draw a house, people, trees and more!

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With Number Beats, writing and learning your numbers has never been more FUN!


Similar in style to our hit series, Alphabet Beats, each 7-minute chapter includes handwriting demonstrations using catchy rhythmic chants, counting objects, working on “Fun Sheets,” and singing along with Miss Marnie’s silly “Hat Song!”

DVD or Online

Also included are separate chapters on skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

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Join Miss Marnie as she demonstrates fun activities that can be easily recreated in the home or classroom.

DVD or Online

Gross Motor Skills chapters target balance, coordination and strengthening of core (tummy) muscles.


Fine Motor Skills chapters build stronger hands and fingers.


Focus & Attention chapters demonstrate calming activities.


Advanced Handwriting Skills chapters cover letter size, spacing, margins and neatness.

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The TV Teacher Complete Educational Set


The TV Teacher Complete Educational Set includes:


The Alphabet Beats UPPERCASE and lowercase videos with beginning and advanced workbooks; the double-sided dry-erase whiteboard; the Strokes, Shapes & Scenes video and workbook; the Number Beats video and workbook; and the Fun Foundations video. Also comes in a sturdy, zippered canvas bag for easy carrying!  (Videos available on DVD or online formats.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our programs,

we offer a 7-day money back guarantee!



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